Yet another Japanese lesson

Consistently during many interactions both in Australia & Japan, the Japanese people have taught me a lot about placing value on others and honoring. On a recent trip to Tokyo, I observed a demonstration of the protocols of environments, how order produces flow and is conducive to peace and desired outcomes.

bullet train locomotive platform public transportation

Photo by Donald Tong on

In this simple example, I noted how the position and timing of people waiting to board a train on the very busy Yamanote line of Tokyo was key to moving so many people in a timely fashion without fuss & bother.

A system of timing, positioning and order is key to success.

Let’s flip it around.

Ever tried to get out of a packed elevator or train and others are stepping in before you exit leaving a space?

Someone wants your car park at the shopping mall but parks you in as they wait for you to leave?

Have you seen the wave of umbrellas moving down the city footpath under the shop awnings as those without umbrellas step out into the rain to avoid collision?

Which areas of our lives may need an audit?

Relationships, finances, health, vocation, spiritual, thinking?

If things seem grinding and chaotic, step out of the traffic and evaluate.

You are worth it and it pays big dividends.


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