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Yet another Japanese lesson

Consistently during many interactions both in Australia & Japan, the Japanese people have taught me a lot about placing value on others and honoring. On a recent trip to Tokyo, I observed a demonstration of the protocols of environments, how order produces flow and is conducive to peace and desired outcomes.

bullet train locomotive platform public transportation

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In this simple example, I noted how the position and timing of people waiting to board a train on the very busy Yamanote line of Tokyo was key to moving so many people in a timely fashion without fuss & bother.

A system of timing, positioning and order is key to success.

Let’s flip it around.

Ever tried to get out of a packed elevator or train and others are stepping in before you exit leaving a space?

Someone wants your car park at the shopping mall but parks you in as they wait for you to leave?

Have you seen the wave of umbrellas moving down the city footpath under the shop awnings as those without umbrellas step out into the rain to avoid collision?

Which areas of our lives may need an audit?

Relationships, finances, health, vocation, spiritual, thinking?

If things seem grinding and chaotic, step out of the traffic and evaluate.

You are worth it and it pays big dividends.


Stand Up & Be Counted

The culture of an organisation is much like an operating system.

It is there whether you acknowledge it or not.

It is there whether you talk about it or not.

It has been said that the solution to problems is leadership (wisdom).

As my mentor John C. Maxwell says

Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.

Therefore, the way to influence culture is through intentional leadership.

This is what happened recently when a netball club committee decided to say no to bullying.

Recently, as a John Maxwell certified trainer, coach & speaker, I had the honor to facilitate the Stand Up & Be Counted module from YouthMAX, a youth leadership curriculum, designed to give today’s young people practical tools and ideas to help them navigate life in the key areas of identity, fear of failure, bullying and a need for strong personal character.

Bullying, failure, low self-image and poor character decisions are at the heart of many of the challenges facing young people today,”

said Paul Martinelli, president of the John Maxwell Team.

“We’ve decided to do something about it and we’re excited about this opportunity to give youth practical tools and ideas to help them succeed in today’s changing world.”

The three main ideas presented were:

  1. Lift up. Use your power to help others.
  2. Stand Up. Be confident in your own value.
  3. Pick up. Help someone who is being bullied by picking them up.

The event was one of over 500 free events worldwide registered as part of John Maxwell Team’s Global Youth Initiative. More info can be found at

Youth who attended these events were equipped, inspired, and empowered to have a positive self-image, respect themselves and others, be a positive influence, and fail forward toward success.

31743465_10156335515121667_6163692516924194816_n(1)      Photo credit: Ruby Ewart

More than 85 school age members and their parents attended the netball club’s anti-bullying event which was replicated over two nights.

Attendees were presented with the idea that it is not just up to the Club Committee, a coach, umpire or team captain to influence the culture of anti-bullying. It is the responsibility of every member.

The Club’s President shared that the club is committed to this ongoing initiative including implementing a Zero Tolerance Bullying Policy.

Attendees were also encouraged to speak with a trusted adult. Coaches, officials and parents were encouraged to continue the conversation with young people.

This is the seed for leading organisational culture for the greater good.

Do you want to impact change with this type of intentionality?

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