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Abbie Bernet
πŸ“· Abbie Bernet


Feeling buried under everything that is seemingly piling up?

That sense of drowning in concerns or commitments?

Overwhelm has the potential to put you on your backside or on the sideline.

It also signals opportunity to reflect and reset .

The answer to overwhelm isn’t doing more, it’s prioritizing.

– Tim Ferriss

At a recent mastermind group I facilitated we discussed a strategy of intentionally setting priorities based on values then managing those priorities daily.

The priorities break down the pile into smaller manageable chunks of what matters to you (based on your values).

I recommend taking time out for selfcare when the feeling hits before moving into the following:

πŸ”‘ Externalise. Get your thoughts on paper.

πŸ”‘ Elicit your values if you haven’t already or revisit your written list of values. A good coach can serve you well in this area.

πŸ”‘ Evaluate if the use of your resources such as time, money, skill and energy are moving you closer to where you want to go (goal getting) and is all about what you treasure most (values)

πŸ”‘ What can you eliminate, delegate, automate or outsource ?

πŸ”‘ Prioritise your calendar, to do list, to not do list and budget. Manage daily to build consistency and momentum

πŸ”‘ Meet with your mentor.

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