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Jason’s book ‘You are Worth It’ made me think about my past, present, and future. It is well written, interesting and a helpful guide to anyone looking for a clearer direction.”


“Jason Ewart is a great thought leader who is undoubtedly passionate about adding value to every person he serves, leads and interacts with. It’s an honor to witness his contagious desire to coach a generation of great leaders who understand their mandate to serve their communities. This is a book that you will refer to time and time again not only because of the wealth of information and inspiration but also as a reminder that failure doesn’t define us as individuals. In this book, my dear friend Jason eloquently paints the picture of the great potential that lies on the inside of each of us. Enjoy this powerful read!”

– DUMBI MABIALA, USA, Mentoring Generations Founder, Speaker & Mentor

“Very insightful thought provoking and real! A lot of books focus on success but this book focuses on the process of changing and transforming from a victim mindset to that of a victor!”

– MARIE ANG, Singapore

“You Are Worth It” is the best tool to transform try-fail-quit attitude into try-fail-learn-re-enter again”

– CHANNARITH LY, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

“Hitting rock bottom? Normal, and this book reminds you that you are valuable and you are worth value. “You Are Worth It” comes with the exact dose of motivation you need, not that only, but it will give you also some tools and cases which will help you learn from failures and jump towards your success. Enjoy the book, and enjoy your journey of personal success.”


“American author Benjamin Franklin said once: Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75. Jason simplified the idea in this book and that is what good communicators do best.”


‘You are worth it ‘ is worth reading about accepting failures and not making them as a funeral to your own dreams”

– DR TUBA KHAN, Saudi Arabia

“Just as orange is the new black, failure is the new encouragement.  Jason says it like he sees it. Let Jason’s voice mess with your limiting mindset. Let his book change the way you look at failure”

– MIRELA MIHAELA BALABAN, Romania, Co writer

“Jason writes in an honest and inspiring way. His books and private messages encourage me to keep on keeping on. They give me the motivation to focus laser sharp on what really matters”


“This book is very insightful and gives a great deal of encouragement.
I love how Jason Ewart incorporated stories of successful people’s challenges in life in-order to express the importance of persistence. The book is a great tool to help readers evaluate where they should direct their failures, “funeral or school?” an interesting perspective.”


“Jason’s new book is well worth the read. Honest and insightful as Jason shares his own experiences which provides the reader hope to break free from limiting thought patterns and use setbacks as a springboard for personal growth rather than feeling stuck. An inspiring read”

– MARK FLUGLER, Guidance Finance, Sydney Australia

“In this book, “You are worth it’ Jason absolutely nails the principles of failing towards our path to success using non-cliche yet simple and applicable values. A must read , particularly if you have allowed the demons of regret and failure to determine your direction.”

– AARTI ROYAN, Melbourne, Australia

Click to contact Jason for your free PDF or Kindle version

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